The Natural Beauty Hemp Fiber

hemp fiberOne of the best kept secrets in the natural fiber clothing category is hemp fiber. We think of wool, cotton, bamboo, silk and linen as the natural fiber choices for Eco friendly clothing. Hemp is also a very nice natural fiber that makes attractive, comfortable clothing while being good to the environment. Hemp used to be the best fiber to make strong long lasting rope for heavy uses in industry, commercial fishing and farming. Now the people at Vayu have found wonderful ways to create clothing for yoga and everyday use with hemp and organic cotton.

Because hemp is a natural fiber, it is a renewable resource. The plants can be planted and regrown like a crop, rather than cut like trees. Hemp is a strong breathable fiber that makes great clothing for active individuals like sport tops, yoga shorts or yoga pants. Hemp can be made in different weights of yarn for different textures of fabric. The yarn can be woven into different types and textures of fabric for a variety of end products and designs. Hemp fiber can be made into clothing for any season or activity. This makes hemp cotton blends versatile enough that it can be used for a variety of different types of casual and active wear.

As advocates of hemp use for clothing and other legitimate uses make progress, we will be seeing more companies producing clothing from hemp. It is breathable and strong which makes it ideal for yoga clothing. Hemp has a beautiful range of natural colors, but can also be dyed in a rainbow of colors. Because it is being marketed as an environmentally friendly product, manufacturers tend to use it’s natural colors or very subdued, natural looking colors. This makes very attractive clothing that can be brightened up with accessories and jewelry if one chooses. The hemp industry is doing their best to educate and influence the American consumer to choose sustainable materials like hemp fiber in their buying choices.

Hemp fiber clothing, upholstery, pillows and bedding are available on the Internet or many retail stores. If you go on line and key in “hemp clothing” you will be pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information available to help you purchase quality hemp products. Hemp clothes, or Eco clothes as some call them, are great to wear and great for our earth. The best source of hemp and organic cotton yoga clothing is Vayu (at least we’d like to think so). These clothes can be worn anywhere when not used for yoga and look and feel great. Whether it’s rock climbing, biking or hiking, hitting the town for a chai latte at your favorite coffee/tea shop or simply lounging at home or your favorite spa, hemp clothing will make a great wardrobe addition for all of these pursuits.

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