Tantric Sex: The Mystery Revealed

Tantric SexA number of people seem to have varying opinions about Tantric Sex, from both ends of the spectrum. The ones that like it have had transformational inner experiences and the ones that hate it try to scratch at the two thousand year old ceremonies that seem meaningless in today’s society. Yet the fact remains that Tantric Sex has survived till this age, and is fast catching up in the West, from its humble beginnings in ancient India.

To really appreciate Tantra, one needs to understand not just the superficial aspects of it but also the core philosophy that follows the acts. To a number of people, Tantra is all about sex. The truth is far from it. The basic aim of Tantra is to transform an individual spiritually, and the way to this spiritual elevation is through sex in the Tantric system.

Sex is seen as the highest, the peak of reaching the divine and it is during those few moments of pleasure and ecstasy when one is closed to the Divine. The Indian philosophy believed that just like different rivers merge into the same ocean, so do all the different paths lead to the same God, the same Divine. No one path can be assumed to be superior to another and it is all the needs and perceptions of the individual. Tantric sex is one such path towards self-realization and self-transformation that seeks to harness the power of lovemaking to elevate one’s consciousness.

What many people don’t know is that Tantra and Yoga are very much related, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because Yoga is, after all, just another path like Tantra. Indeed, ancient Tantric practitioners had written a number of elements of Yoga.

The sexual aspects of Tantra are important because this method chooses to lead us to higher spiritual and thus material realms. The very purpose of any spiritual practice is to improve the quality of life of the practitioner. Therefore, even if you have a good sex life but feel caught up or simply stuck in life, Tantra can help you even out your life. The point is Tantra shouldn’t be seen only as a love making system but rather a holistic framework in which sex is an integral part to elevate the individual consciousness.

There are many aspects to Tantra and not all sects within Tantra have the same practices. In fact, in India, there are tens of different sects and hundreds of sub-sects, each with its own unique version of Tantra. There are different practices and rituals involved in Tantra, but almost all of them believe that it is ultimately about manipulating and elevating the individual energy levels. Therefore, at the core, Tantra aims to change the quality of energy chakras in an individual. At a much higher and elevated level, Tantra is also involved in the occult and is believed to be an extremely powerful and potent form of mastering of Nature, especially sects like Aghoris.

As a person interested in Tantra, one should thus know not only the ritual aspects of it but also the core philosophy and beliefs of the Tantrics, so that one can fully be able to appreciate and apply this ancient art of self-realization.

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  1. umesh February 12, 2011 10:28 am

    attaining a spiritual salvation through tantric sex is very fascinating. i wnt to knw more about it