Hydrogen Power: A Viable Alternative Energy Source For Our Future

Hydrogen PowerAs more people become environmentally conscious, it is becoming clear that the existing fossil fuel economy today isn’t viable, sustainable, or desirable. Coal, oil, and natural gas supplies are not limitless and alternatives must be found sooner than later.

In addition, the majority of people who consume fossil fuels don’t live near the extraction site resulting in conflict. We are talking about vast amounts of money and there are groups that are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that they will gain control over fuel-rich territories.

An obvious factor that drives a lot of people to look for alternatives is the unacceptable level of pollution. The resulting carbon byproducts are also contributing to climate change. The call to shift to an alternative fuel source is clear.

There are a lot of technological innovations that makes it possible to get solar energy, geothermal power, and hydroelectric dams. While these options do have their benefits, there are certain features that make hydrogen power the most viable alternative energy source of the future. Among its benefits include:

• Decentralized Production – unlike oil and gas that must be extracted from the ground or the ocean bottom, hydrogen power can be produced just about everywhere. Depending on the preference of users, they can either get it from a central source or produce it onsite. The source of hydrogen gas includes gasoline, methane, coal, biomass, and water. Each source generates varying amounts of pollution and requires different levels of technical expertise. At the end of the day though, power will be produced.

• No Pollution Residue – hydrogen is combined with oxygen to produce power. This electricity can be used to power vehicles, heating, and other functions. As energy is used, the only byproducts are heat and water. That’s why no greenhouse gas is emitted. It also leaves no harmful particulates that can harm people (depending on the source used).

• Sustainable Power Source – provided that hydrogen power is produced from water, it can be a sustainable alternative energy source.

Electrolysis is the process that separates water into oxygen and hydrogen. Once the hydrogen is produced in the electrolyzer, it can be used as electricity in a fuel cell. Hydrogen power is independent of petroleum and nothing is wasted in the process.

Right now, the only barrier to its widespread usage is the cost of the production process. But with the technological innovations available right now, hydrogen power has a bright future. The oil spill in the Gulf also demonstrates the need to use an alternative energy source when it comes to generating power. The risks are simply too high for society to rely on petroleum for too much longer.

Check out what’s possible in the following YouTube video:

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