Do Animals Have Rights?

Animal RightsThere is something eerily cold about the way we view factory farming, neatly packaged meats and other animal products at the grocery store. This extends beyond foodstuffs and includes items such as leather shoes, wallets, handbags, couches and fur coats.

Perhaps clichés such as “out of sight out of mind” or “ignorance is bliss” somehow explain this complete lack of awareness and compassion.

Animal Rights can be defined as the right to the humane treatment of animals with an emphasis on the right not to be exploited by humans. After all, the word “human” and “humane” bear striking similarities.

Furthermore, the viewpoint of Animal Rights is that non-human animals have moral rights and law should prohibit a violation of their basic interests.

People who consider themselves spiritual, moral and ethical must challenge themselves and ask the question: Do animals have rights? Taking this a step further, one may even ask: Do animals have souls? After all, we are all God’s creatures, are we not?

The Animal Rights Movement represents a number of diverse animal activist groups dedicated to protecting animals from perceived mistreatment and/or cruelty. Many of its supports have moved to a life of vegetarianism or veganism to align their lifestyle with their personal beliefs.

Factory farming, hunting for pleasure, killing animals for fur and using animals in medical and cosmetic testing are primary concerns of the supporters of the movement.

Radical groups of animal activists such as the Animal Liberation Front have been formed to fight on behalf of animal rights. The world’s largest and most well known organization dedicated to raising awareness of animal rights is PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals).

PETA is well known for its unconventional campaigns to raise awareness and multitude of high profile celebrity endorsements. But isn’t it unfortunate that forming radical animal activist groups and implementing peculiar promotions have to be carried out in the first place?

Check out the following YouTube gem “Jesus Was A Vegetarian”

YouTube Preview Image

So at what point do we move from being human to humane? Living a life completely disconnected from nature combined with processed foods, drugs, alcohol and an overstimulation of violet TV and movie programming have desensitized mainstream society into a state of “non-feeling” or perhaps “non-caring”.

As far as our civilization has come through the ages, I think in many ways humans will look back at this era as a kind of dark ages, both spiritually and sustainably, that’s if we actually survive long enough as a species and leave enough resources for future generations.

One of my early mentors referred to our way of living as “killing our grandchildren to feed our children”. Not a very smart survival tactic now is it?

At no other time in history have we had such a blatant disregard for the Earth or its inhabitants. Humans live in a mass consumption model where resources are consumed for our pleasure and ego gratification with complete ignorance of the karmic effects.

Insanity en masse has washed over the human consciousness like a dark wave drowning out our powers of discrimination. This kind of behavior reinforces the ego and our separateness from each other and the world around us.

The ego lives in a state of perpetual fear and all forms of anxiety, depression and violence spring from this place.  Sadly, this is where the majority of people dwell 100% of the time.

There are generally only two emotions, pleasure and pain. We as humans tend to seek pleasure and avoid pain, both at all costs. Yet many humans will derive pleasure at the expense or pain of others (human and non-human).

I have personally reached a point in my journey where I want to make as little impact on my surroundings as possible. I most certainly do not want to contribute to the pain and suffering of any living thing.

The choices one makes regarding what one eats, wears or buys should be consciously made and support an ideology of compassion. Animals are not commodities.

Save animals by choosing a vegetarian/vegan diet and purchase cruelty free products that support animal rights and sustainable initiatives.

We have been endowed as the caretakers of this Earth with a responsibility to care for not just ourselves but all of the inhabitants of this planet. If you are not part of the solution, you are simply part of the problem. Choose consciously. Choose wisely.

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Compassionately Yours,
Fredric Schwartz
Vayu Founder



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