Declutter Tips: No More Excuses!

DeclutterWhen your drawers won’t close, work desks overflow, and the floor can’t be seen anymore, you know it’s time to declutter. Almost everyone will get to that point when they need to remove clutter from around the house or the workplace. The junk that is unneeded, unwanted, and unusable should be removed immediately. Ideally, you should start getting rid of stuff as soon as you realize you have to. Unfortunately, if you are like millions around the world, this doesn’t end up being the case. In fact, there are endless excuses to postpone “decluttering”. We outlined some of the common ones below:

Excuse 1 – I’ll do it tomorrow. While this might be meant with the best intentions, you end up procrastinating until you just don’t do it anymore. Tomorrow may be a good day and you’ll think to yourself the weather is just too perfect not to go out! It’s not necessary to tackle everything on one day. But the first step will help you get sorted.

Excuse 2 – It will fit again. Not to discourage anyone but if your clothes are 10 years old, it will take hard work and dedicated perseverance to get back into your old form. Sure, the clothes can act as encouragement but it might be a better idea to retain two or three old clothes in your closet and put the rest into a box for now. Opening the box once you lose weight will make you feel triumphant.

Excuse 3 – It’s not as bad as that! Some people make the excuse that they don’t have “clutter” because there is nothing they can’t find. It is possible to be both. You may be able to locate items because it has become a habit for you to pile items in certain places. But there is still clutter in your house. Instead of making excuses, declutter your things in cohesive order.

Excuse 4 – I may wear it again. If you haven’t worn it for the last two years, chances are, you’re not going to wear it again. How do you know which clothes to keep from the closet? Do a simple activity. Go two to three weeks without doing the laundry. Then look at your closet, the things you don’t want to wear even if you’re desperate for clean clothes – you need to get rid of.

Excuse 5 – I might forget something if I start putting things away. If it’s out in the open, say, the credit card bill, I will remember to pay it on time. While it is certainly important to pay your bills on or before the due date, this shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to declutter. Put all important items in one folder or basket so you won’t lose anything.

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