Choose to Eat Locally and Have a Positive Impact

The local food movement is gaining popularity around the country as people become more aware of the food they eat, the effect of food on their bodies, and food’s effect on the environment. There are numerous advantages to those who choose to eat locally and buy locally grown food.

Those who chose to eat local will find that they have higher-quality, fresher, and more healthy food choices than if they purchased the same items grown in another region. Locally grown food is grown within minutes from where it is eventually sold. Farmers have the ability to harvest food at it’s peak and deliver it immediately to stores or markets. Another advantage for those who eat locally is that farmers produce foods that are native to the region and in season. Growing food ideally suited to the area’s soil and climate allows† farmers to use less pesticides and more organic growing methods. Buying locally grown food also tastes better and fresher because it is harvested at the correct time and does not require artificial preservation during transit to market.

The decision to buy locally grown food also has a positive impact on the environment. The decision to eat locally significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our food. Food does not have to travel as far and does not require gas-powered vehicles to transport it across the country. Eating local food also helps the environment by keeping farmland and green spaces near every community, which preserves local flora and fauna and keeps urban sprawl at bay.

Local economies also benefit when consumers decide to eat local. Those who choose to eat locally contribute to the preservation of small family farms which are slowly disappearing from the American landscape. In addition, money spent on food that is purchased locally is put right back into the local economy instead of being distributed to corporate shareholders.

Surprisingly proponents of local food movements have found that eating locally grown food actually saves money. One money saving benefit of eating local food is the long term health care savings from making wiser and more healthy food choices. Those who choose to eat healthy now will not experience future health care costs due to poor nutrition and chemical exposure. The purchase price of most food is determined by production and delivery costs in order for producers to profit financially. Food that requires cross-country delivery will require a higher price in order for growers to recoup the added transportation and handling costs. To help lower the cost of buying locally grown food, local food proponents strongly encourage involvement in community supported agriculture programs and cooperatives.

Do you buy locally? Living a sustainable lifestyle is all about being conscious of our impact on our health and the environment in all facets of our lives. We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so please leave us a comment down below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on the social networks so go ahead and Tweet this, Facebook it, Digg it, Stumble it but most importantly implement it!


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