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Becoming a Vegetarian: What are the Challenges?

Becoming a vegetarian is a big lifestyle change if you are trying to make the transition, especially for the first time. There’s a saying that “you are what you eat”. Indeed, the food you eat plays a big part in identifying who you are. For example, if you have a sweet tooth then you most […]

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The Natural Beauty Hemp Fiber

One of the best kept secrets in the natural fiber clothing category is hemp fiber. We think of wool, cotton, bamboo, silk and linen as the natural fiber choices for Eco friendly clothing. Hemp is also a very nice natural fiber that makes attractive, comfortable clothing while being good to the environment. Hemp used to […]

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Choose to Eat Locally and Have a Positive Impact

The local food movement is gaining popularity around the country as people become more aware of the food they eat, the effect of food on their bodies, and food’s effect on the environment. There are numerous advantages to those who choose to eat locally and buy locally grown food. Those who chose to eat local […]

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