Becoming a Vegetarian: What are the Challenges?

Becoming a VegetarianBecoming a vegetarian is a big lifestyle change if you are trying to make the transition, especially for the first time. There’s a saying that “you are what you eat”. Indeed, the food you eat plays a big part in identifying who you are.

For example, if you have a sweet tooth then you most likely need to spend longer hours at the gym to burn calories. On the other hand, eating too much will adversely affect your health and lifestyle. This is because being overweight will hinder you from playing sports to your full potential.

The nutrients ingested by the body will provide it with the necessary energy to function. And while most people wouldn’t associate emotions with their food, it does have an impact. The right food can also help with mental functions. Given all these, there are certainly a lot of reasons why you should pay more attention to what you eat.

Vegetarianism and Its Challenges

When it comes to lifestyle choices, only the individual himself can make decisions. But it is important to know the pros and cons of each option before you dedicate yourself to a certain diet. There are a lot of “fad” diets being promoted today. Becoming a vegetarian, however, is probably timeless. It has been practiced by countless people for centuries.

“Vegetarianism” provides a lot of benefit to a person and to the environment. Most of all, it stops or reduces animal killings. To eat or not to eat meat: the debate about this has been raging for a long time. For people who decide to forego meat, there are certain challenges ahead:

  • Variety – compared to diets that include meat, eating plant foods all the time can be monotonous. It is important to know a lot of recipes to keep dining fresh and exciting. There are also many food products that remain unexplored; now is the best time to try them out.
  • Taste – while some vegetarians might disagree with this, taste is definitely an issue with the majority. To address this, animal byproducts such as milk, egg, and cheese are sometimes included. Using herbs and spices will also help as well.
  • Eating Unhealthy Foods – because the food choices are limited, there is a tendency among many vegetarians to load up on other foods such as ice cream, chips, cakes, and deep-fried food among others. It is important to always watch what you eat and not fall into the trap of eating too much unhealthy food.

For new vegetarians, the road ahead might look intimidating. Take heart. With time, your taste buds and your body will adapt to your diet. Don’t be surprised when you find animal-based food distasteful in the future.

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  1. Mary Smith June 19, 2011 5:09 pm

    hmm….even is not easy to quit on meat , is worth to, belive me, and if you are looking for one thousand reasons for eating vegetables, i'm going to give you … better life