yoga pants for womenVayu is a grassroots company dedicated to creating a unique line of organic yoga clothing including yoga pants for women and yoga clothes men. Our yoga inspired athletic wear combines form, fit and function. Designed to be a highly functional, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing product that can work for multiple activities and reflect the philosophies and attitudes of its wearers. The Sanskrit root to Vayu is “vaa” which means to “blow” or to “move”. Vayu organic yoga clothing embodies such attributes as liberation, freedom, mobility and movement reflected in our intelligent designs.

Our yoga pants and shirts are made for active individuals who are passionate about living their practice. Vayu wearers are intended to be primarily yogis, martial artists, climbers, nature lovers, into healthy living, very active, sophisticated and pay attention to the environment. Whether you hit the studio, park or street, our hemp and organic cotton yoga clothes are meant to offer you comfort as well as good looks. We carefully choose the finest sustainable fabrics for our line. We believe that the use of sustainable fabrics is a socially and environmentally responsible choice that each of us must make to lessen the load on our environment. Products proudly made in the U.S.A

Vayu n. (va-yoo)

God of the Wind

Element of Air

Breath of the body