6 Benefits of Cycling To Work

Cycling To WorkBiking is once again the “in” thing. Alright, so the majority of people are still not too keen on cycling to work every morning but an increasing number of people are recognizing its benefits. It is not only good for your health; it is also one of the most effective modes of transport that doesn’t emit carbon dioxide. Little wonder that health-conscious and environmentally-aware individuals are choosing to bike again. Below are other benefits you can expect by cycling to work:

Improve Your Mood

Exercising gives euphoria-producing hormones a boost. Even moderate physical activities like biking helps your body produce more endorphins. As a result, you can go to school or work feeling rejuvenated and energetic.


Biking has a lot of benefits for your body. It firms and tones your muscles. It is also a good way to burn calories and maintain your ideal weight. Biking beats driving anytime; so if your workplace is just a reasonable distance away from your house, cycle your way to work!


You miss a lot of things when you’re in the car. Biking enables you to appreciate the scenery and the hum of everyday life. The slower pace helps you see the locale in an altogether different way than what you’re used to. Depending on your location, the freshness of the wind and fertile earth can help you connect on a deeper level with nature.


Biking puts you in touch with other like-minded individuals. Unlike driving where you’re by yourself in the vehicle, biking is more of a community thing. Your fellow bikers are most likely health-conscious and environmentally-minded as well. Many bikers reveal that some of the long lasting friendships they’ve developed are among fellow cycling enthusiasts.


Instead of adding to pollution and contributing to climate change, biking is a clean form of transportation. It emits zero carbon because the only “energy” it burns is calories. Also, by setting an example to your friends, family, and your community, you may start a biking revolution in your area.


There is another form of pollution that most people have become immune to: noise pollution. We hear it everyday from the traffic, construction work and even hawkers in the city. Biking is quiet. It can also be a tranquil experience if you are biking in a “green” area.

As you can see, biking provides a lot of benefits. So start searching for your old bike or buy a new one to be part of today’s biking revolution.

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